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3: Sentence Transformation Practice For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use ‘will’ or ‘going to’ in your answer. Use no more than three words. 1. I plan to travel to China this year.
The future with will / going to
I’m going to buy the drink. You get the food. Let’s have a party. – Great idea. I’ll buy the drink. You get the food. – Both of the above sentences are correct. Q16. Sorry. We have no more French Fries. – Ok, I’m going to have rice instead. Sorry. We have no moreI’ll
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We use going to for a future action that has been decided before the time of speaking. Look! You’ll drop your books. Look! You’re going to drop your books. We use going to if we see (and are sure) that the action will happen. Click to share on Facebook (Opens
5.1 Assignment Will and Going To practice
View Homework Help – 5.1 Assignment Will and Going To practice from ENGLISH 1010 at National University College. Will and Going To: Practice 5.1 Assignment Lillian Gomez 5
Will vs Going To Differences
Will vs Going to future tense differences, explanations with examples and exercises for ESL EFL students and teachers Even though most native speakers use these two interchangeably, “will”, also referred as simple future, has some grammatical differences from “going to” (planned future).

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 · Making the choice to use “will” or “going to” is difficult for many ESL students. This lesson focuses on providing context for students so that they can understand the basic difference between something that is planned for the future (use of “going to”) and a spontaneous decision (use of “will”).
Future Simple (going to)
Type in the verbs in the future simple (going to). I (tell/not) you the secret. 1st person singular → am + not + going to + verb in the basic form She (ring/not) me. 3rd person singular → is + not + going to + verb in the basic form We (invite/not) him to our party. 1st person plural → are + not + going to + verb in the basic form
Play this game to review Grammar. What your brother going to do tomorrow? Q. What are your plans for next year? Are you … to Canada?

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Future Plans using “going to” Lesson Plan
In this lesson, students practice talking about future plans using “going to”.They ask questions, play a board game, read a funny story and write their own classroom reader. Members get accompanying worksheets, game board and classroom reader.

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Going to for predictions with present evidence The teacher pauses the film when something is about to happen, e.g. someone tottering on the edge of a cliff, and students predict the next scene. The same as above, but with students choosing from sentences on a worksheet, e.g. trying to choose “He is going to kiss her” just before it happens

Future Simple Tense (Verb to be + going to) 01

10. His mother will practice the violin tonight = His mother practice the violin tonight. 11. I shall study Chinese after school today = I study Chinese after school today. 12. It will be hot tomorrow = It be hot tomorrow. 13. She will work with animals at the 14.

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Use “going to” for plans and arrangements: On my next vacation, I”m going to stay in a nice hotel in Paris. Her current contract ends in December, so she’s going to look for a new job. David’s going to meet me at the airport. He said he would be there at 8:00.

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 · This lesson reviews the three main ways to form the future tense (with will, be going to, and be + ing).Students will study the differences between these forms and practice using them through individual and group exercises.
Future Simple
I’m going shopping. I won’t be very long. Will you be at work tomorrow? Note that when we have a plan or intention to do something in the future, we usually use other tenses or expressions, such as the present continuous or going to. Future Simple Quiz Back to

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