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Do You Have an Interesting Simian Line?
Approximately 4% of Caucasians have this line on at least one hand. Approximately 13% of all Asians have it on at least one hand. It is even rarer to have this line on both hands. Males are twice as likely as females to have a Simian Line. The name “simian” was
Simian line – what are the advantages?
I have this simian line in my both hand and I am an introvert. I have read somewhere long time ago that some people with simian line have introvert personality. To be honest this is …
Simian Line
 · 22) In some cases these people suffer with split personality disorder. 23) 34th, 38th, 51st and 63rd years of their life are not auspicious. 24) Music therapy can simply work wonders for them, so they should be advised to learn music.
What does a simian line mean?
Very interesting inheritance. Simian line in one hand indicates an added spark to the personality, creativity, passionate single-mindedness, stubborness, eccentricity. Possible genius in one’s chosen field. One on each hand adds to the spark, char

10 Famous People With Simian Lines (Benedict …

 · Here is a list of 10 famous people with simian lines. Some of the celebrities include – Robert De Niro, Tony Blair, and Benedict Cumberbatch.
Simian line: advanced considerations!
 · Simian line: Big Five personality profiling – including Robert de Niro’s simian line & Big FIve profile! Martijn van Mensvoort Hand researcher & psychologist in The Netherlands (Holland)
The Simian Line
The Simian Line Jeslyn (@jeslyntweedie) 8 years, 8 months ago One solid line going across the palm horizontally on either or both hands. It seems there might be evidence to connect some personality traits in the 4% of the population that has the line. I do on
single “simian” line on palm of hand
 · One poster has already mentioned that Tony Blair has a simian line (he does). Richard Branson also has one (and interestingly he’s dyslexic). Look at it as a rare palm marking given to him by his daddy that indicates he’s extra special and may have a …
Gifts • The Simian Crease
Hello dear, I’ve a simian line on right palm. I am 24 now and life has been so hard on me. Until now I hadnt any knowledge of simian or anything regarding palmistry. I just came across it. I want to know how can I use my simian line as a gift. I’ve no idea what I

Does anyone else have a double simian line? : mbti

Curious about interactions between two double simian line people and possible correlation with MBTI. This should be around 1-3 in 100 people so the chances are relatively high. A simian line is a straight line across your palm, where the head line and heart line merge.
SIMIAN LINE The simian line runs across the hand replacing the heart and head line. It is a sign of inner tension. It may be destructive or creative o
Double Simian Lines
 · I just discovered today that i have a simian line in both of my hands. I am 23 years old now but I dont have any idea before that this line has something to do with my personality and very very restless behavior not until a guy randomly ask to see my palm I got interested with what he said so I decided to do some research about it.

Head Line Reveals Suitable Career Path, Choose Right …

 · Those with a simian line are usually specially gifted. The talented outstanding persons in all walks of life, such as entertainment, music and business circles, have a simian line. If you have a simian line, it means you are persistent and like challenges, thus always can make certain achievements no matter which industry you choose; even if you fail, you can rise again.
Simian Line
The Simian line (or also known as Simian crease or Simian fold) was named so, because monkeys often have this kind of line across their palm. But of course, for those of you who have this line it doesnt mean that he or she is less than human or not bright. It only

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B+ Sirian, Feline personality B- Sirian and Draco Hybrid O+ Simian, Dragon 0- Dragon Draco hybrid AB Zeda (Sirian and Pleiadian mix) 22 blood types O Type O- YOU ARE THE DESTROYERS OR THE BUILDERS, LITERALLY. YOU WALK THE PATH OF

Double Simian Palms

Some athletes possess a combination of the Lines of Heart and Head, known as the Simian Line. This unusual line reveals an intense side to the personality. If this line is found on the hand of someone with an interest in sports, there can be

What is it to have simian crease? How lucky or unlucky …

It is a widely spread belief that a person having simian crease is an unlucky creature on earth. It can be found in any palm, any person; without having any profound effect on actual life. In reality, the middle spread simian crease suggests a nau