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Un o una mousse (pronunciación en francés: /mus/) es un postre de origen francés, cuya base es la clara de huevo montada a punto de nieve, o la crema de leche batida, los cuales le dan consistencia esponjosa.Las más conocidas son la mousse de chocolate y la mousse de frutas, aunque también gocen de mucha fama las mousses saladas como las mousses de hortalizas o de pescado.

What is a Mousse

What is a Mousse EXPLAINATION: A “Mousse” – (“mousse” is French for foam), simply put is just a solid foam inner tube. They were originally introduced to the off road motorcycle market in 1984 by the French tire company Michelin. There are several companies
White Chocolate Mousse Recipe
Get White Chocolate Mousse Recipe from Food Network In a large glass bowl, place the chopped white chocolate and set aside. Add the egg yolks and sugar to a small bowl and whisk until pale in color.
Chocolate-Avocado Mousse Recipe
Get Chocolate-Avocado Mousse Recipe from Food Network Place the chocolate chips in a small bowl. Place over a small saucepan of barely simmering water. Stir until the chocolate is melted and
White Chocolate Mousse Recipe
 · Add mystery to this dreamy dessert. Tuck a whole almond in one dessert, and award the lucky finder with a prize! Real chocolate lovers can make Chocolate Mousse by replacing the white baking chips with 8 oz semisweet baking chocolate, chopped.
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Chocolate Mousse Maker Game
Chocolate Mousse is a fun game to make a delicious chocolate mousse perfect for your desert appetite! It’s a one of a kind creamy smooth and sweet dessert you will surely love! It’s easy to prepare and mix with everything from cookies, strawberries to three kinds of chocolates. It will surely tickle your taste buds! Get ready to do it with the 3 task to do list using your mouse to click on
Semisweet Chocolate Mousse Recipe: How to Make It
 · Semisweet Chocolate Mousse Tips Is it safe to eat raw eggs in chocolate mousse? No, we don’t recommend that you eat raw eggs. This chocolate mousse recipe cooks the egg yolk in the first step. When the mixture thickens, it means the egg is fully cooked.
Recettes de mousse au chocolat
Recettes de mousse au chocolat : les 14 recettes coup de cœur, rigoureusement sélectionnées par Chef Damien et Chef Christophe. Il existe une multitude de recettes de mousses au chocolat. Certaines sont légères et très mousseuses, d’autres plus riches. Ce