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Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development
Kohlberg’s theory proposes that there are three levels of moral development, with each level split into two stages. Kohlberg suggested that people move through these stages in a fixed order, and that moral understanding is linked to cognitive development.The three

Kohlberg: Estadios evolutivos del razonamiento moral

2. Niveles y estadios Kohlberg considera que el desarrollo moral de una persona pasa por tres grandes niveles —el Preconvencional, el Convencional y el Postconvencional— cada uno de ellos contiene dos estadios o etapas. En total seis estadios de madurez creciente y con razonamientos morales diferentes.

Théorie du développement moral de Kohlberg — …

La théorie du développement moral par stades est un modèle développé par Lawrence Kohlberg, psychologue américain, à partir de sa thèse de doctorat The Development of Modes of Thinking and Choices in Years 10 to 16 [1] (1958) et inspiré par le modèle du développement cognitif par paliers d’acquisition de Jean Piaget.
Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development
 · Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development Kohlberg’s research yielded three levels of moral development. Each level consisted of two stages, leading to six stages in total. People pass through each stage sequentially with the thinking at the new …


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Stufen der moralischen Entwicklung nach Lawrence …

Kohlberg selbst wies ihr Führergestalten wie zum Bespiel Martin Luther King oder Gandhi zu. Vermehrt tauchte nun die Frage auf, ob sich überhaupt zwei postkonventionelle Stufen unterscheiden lassen. Nach jahrelanger Forschung kam die sechste Stufe nicht
Role-taking theory
Kohlberg’s stages of moral development Lawrence Kohlberg argued that higher moral development requires role-taking ability. [3] For instance, Kohlberg’s conventional level of morality (between ages 9 and 13, roughly), involves moral stereotyping , empathy-based morality , alertness to and behaviour guided by predicted evaluations by others, and identifying with authority, all of which require

Theories of Child Development: The MGH Clay Center

Kohlberg called the final stages of moral development “post conventional.” By that he meant that people at these stages were deciding what to do as a function of their own internal compasses, and not as a function of how they ought to behave because of the conventions of their society.
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