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gulfweed (usually uncountable, plural gulfweeds) sargassum; algae of the genus Sargassum. Translations [] Sargassum bacciferum Bulgarian: саргасово водорасло n (sargasovo vodoraslo) Further reading [] gulfweed on Wikipedia. Wikipedia Retrieved …
gulfweed: see seaweed seaweed,name commonly used for the multicellular marine algae. Simpler forms, consisting of one cell (e.g., the diatom) or of a few cells, are not generally called seaweeds; these tiny plants help to make up plankton.. Click the link for

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Dictionary entry overview: What does gulfweed mean? • GULFWEED (noun) The noun GULFWEED has 1 sense: 1. brown algae with rounded bladders forming dense floating masses in tropical Atlantic waters as in the Sargasso Sea Familiarity information: GULFWEED used as a noun is very rare.

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gulfweed n. sargassum; algae of the genus Sargassum. 4 English words from the English definition algae genus sargassum the One suffix (New word found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.) gulfweeds 6 words-in-word (Words found as is Gul

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 · PDF 檔案Gulfweed is one of the widely distributed algae in Yellow Sea and is normally disposed as waste [40], which makes it possess relatively low economic value. In this paper, the gulfweed was obtained from Rongcheng Maoquan Aquatic Products Co., Ltd in Weihai
Sargassum Seaweed
Broad-toothed Gulfweed (Sargassum fluitans) S. fluitans very much resembles S. natans , as both are golden brown in colour, with toothed, rubbery leaves, small gas-filled floats and no central stem. The leaves of Broad-toothed Gulfweed, as the name suggests, are wider reaching up to 8 mm (0.3”) wide and 2-6 cm (0.8-2.4”) long.
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 · In this study, gulfweed was used as precursor material for the preparation of super activated carbon (SAC) by chemical activation method with KOH. An L 16 (4 3) (four three-level factors) orthogonal design table was established, and the influences of the activation temperature, the activation time and the impregnation ratio on the pore structure were explored.
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2 Answers for the clue Gulfweed on Crossword Clues, the ultimate guide to solving crosswords. We found 2 answers for “Gulfweed” . This page shows answers to the clue Gulfweed.Gulfweed may be defined as “A coarse, olive-brown”, “Any seaweed of the same genus” and “Brown algae with rounded bladders forming dense floating masses in tropical Atlantic waters as in the Sargasso Sea ”.

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gulfweed is a type of … en brown algae () Word forms en gulfweeds () Links to other resources 101408499-n gulfweed ConceptNet 5 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0
Sargassum Seaweed
 · Sargassum seaweed is a type of seaweed found along the coasts of Japan and China. Two species, Sargassum fusiforme and Sargassum pallidum, are both referred to as sargassum seaweed or gulfweed in English and hai zao in Chinese. Sargassum seaweed is a brown algae with leafy segments supported at the

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Gulfweed crossword clue? Find the answer to the crossword clue Gulfweed. 1 answer to this clue. The Crossword Solver is designed to help users to find the missing answers to their crossword puzzles. The system can solve single or multiple word clues and can
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8 Delicacies to Try in Jeju and Where to Try Them
 · The star ingredient is gulfweed, a seaweed known as ‘mom’ or ‘mojaban’ in the Jeju dialect. Momguk is a dish unique to Jeju, and cannot be found elsewhere in Korea. The dish’s history lies in Jeju’s past: with a climate that included harsh sea winds and cold weather, the island’s crops were vulnerable to failure, and so the Jeju natives turned to seaweed for a reliable source of
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에서 한국어 내부, 우리는 어떻게 설명 할gulfweed영어 단어 그것은? gulfweed영어 단어는 다음과 같은 의미를 한국어 :sargassum. Meaning of gulfweed for the defined word. 문법적으로, 이 워드 “gulfweed” 는 명사, 좀 더 구체적으로, 셀 수 있는 명사 및
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Gulfweed Meaning In Urdu Gulfweed Meaning in English to Urdu is کائی, as written in Urdu and Kai, as written in Roman Urdu. There are many synonyms of Gulfweed which include Algae, Tangle, Rockweed, etc. Definitions of Gulfweed n. a branching seaweed (Sargassum bacciferum, or sea grape), having numerous berrylike air vessels, — found in the Gulf Stream, in the Sargasso Sea, and elsewhere.